This book wouldn’t have been possible without the profound contributions of our collaborators and the community at large.

We are grateful to our students for their active participation in pilot courses at Berkeley, Cornell, and Princeton. Thanks in particular to Claudia Roberts for lecture notes of the Princeton course.

Special thanks to Katherine Yen for editorial and technical help with the book.

Moritz Hardt is indebted to Cynthia Dwork for introducing him to the topic of this book during a formative internship in 2010.

We benefitted from substantial discussions, feedback and comments from Rediet Abebe, Andrew Brunskill, Aylin Caliskan, André Cruz, Frances Ding, Michaela Hardt, Lily Hu, Ben Hutchinson, Shan Jiang, Sayash Kapoor, Lauren Kaplan, Niki Kilbertus, Been Kim, Kathy Kleiman, Issa Kohler-Hausmann, Mihir Kshirsagar, Eric Lawrence, Zachary Lipton, Lydia T. Liu, John Miller, Smitha Milli, Shira Mitchell, Jared Moore, Robert Netzorg, David Parkes, Juan Carlos Perdomo, Eike Willi Petersen, Ofir Reich, Claudia Roberts, Olga Russakovsky, Matthew J. Salganik, Carsten Schwemmer, Ludwig Schmidt, Andrew Selbst, Matthew Sun, Angelina Wang, Christo Wilson, Annette Zimmermann, Tijana Zrnic.

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